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Palpitations is a project that aims to bring awareness to anxiety and the affect it has on the heart. It is proven that weighted objects on the body affect stress levels and palpitations in a positive way. I wanted to create a look that embodies my vision of the comfort and discomfort of anxiety and panic. This look is constructed to be deconstructed for performance purposes. The look consists of weighted garments & warped horsehair accessories. Through the use of straps and pleats, I was able to fill areas with glass beads that provided weight. The video illustrates a mood swing as the clothes evolve through the experience. First, the garments are clean and weighted. Then, I cut out the weighted beads and paint them back on, symbolizing that weight can ground you. In the end, the garments float under the water, signifying the deep end of a mood swing.. 

film stills 1.jpg
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