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Lucienne Mettam is a NYC and DC-based designer whose work focuses on sensual perception and the invisible ways in which we connect to the world. Profoundly drawn to painting and poetry, and fascinated with the mind’s eye, Lucienne uses these elements to inspire her work. With an intense interest in print design as related to movement, Lucienne considers the body a canvas on which to overlay original artwork onto dimensional fabrics to create wholly unique garments. Through her garment and accessory designs, she evokes an engagement with the questions of perception, reality, connectedness, and illusion. 


About ENNE

Fashion / creative designer Lucienne has created ENNE as a multimedia brand to exhibit garments and fine art.


The Name

"ENNE" was derived from Lucienne's name of French origin, meaning light, and uses the idea of light existing physically and internally as an influence over each design. In French, ENNE is a personal noun suffix that indicates the feminine equivalent of a traditionally masculine term. Lucienne's work is motivated by the study / ideas surrounding the question of what creates femininity as well as how the feminine figure / silhouette is interpreted through today's fashion.

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