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This collection is an exploration of non-dualism and how a nondual mindset can challenge our experiences. Non-dualism refers to the interconnectedness of everything, beyond whole and self, that leads to a more dynamic and imaginative contemplation of what is perceived. Lucienne draws inspiration from optical illusions that arise through our perceptions from the interference of open mesh fabrics.


The collection features original prints that aim to challenge the eye and provoke a sense of mystery. Through using layers of fabric that are interdependent to create the moiré effect, the designs enhance a sense of unity between what might otherwise be seen as separated. The circle is used as an image to represent an opportunity for bodies and selves to become one. Lucienne uses the pure form of a circle to explore a more nuanced reality, questioning the separation that individuals sometimes feel between themselves and the larger world, and, hopefully, vanishing the notion of separation. 

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